At Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida, we help prevent hearing loss by offering a complete line of custom-fit hearing protection products.

Some of the products we offer include:

  • Swimmers Plugs – Custom fit your ears, these plugs keep your ears dry and prevent infections like Swimmer’s Ear. 
  • Musicians Earplugs – Designed for performers, concertgoers and sound engineers, these canal-style earplugs are sleek and virtually unnoticeable.
  • Custom ear buds for MP3 players – shaped  to the contours of your ears, they block ambient sound, which allows you to listen to music at a safer volume.
  • Industrial Earplugs – Available in standard or digital protection, these plugs are commonly used while hunting, or in loud work environments. This form of hearing protection is custom-made and provides better defense than a store-bought ear plug.

Discover for yourself why residents in Manatee and Sarasota County, Florida have trusted us with all of their hearing healthcare needs since 1997!