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Oticon’s revolutionary BrainHearing feature has modernized hearing aid technology. The hearing devices support the brain’s natural process of decoding sound and modifies signals the user doesn’t hear well, so the unique characteristics of speech are captured and preserved. This process keeps the neural pathways engaged so the brain doesn’t need to relearn how to hear.  The new technology reduces the effort involved in listening and helps the ears work together to identify where sounds are coming from.

Learn more about the Oticon device family below:

Oticon hearing aids that connect to smartphones.

Opn – The “Open Sound” Difference
Powered by the Velox platform, the Opn hearing aid uses an “open sound” approach to manage multiple noise and speech sources, even in complex listening environments, enabling users to switch focus quickly and easily. 

Opn uses BrainHearing technology, and it’s the first hearing aid proven to make listening easier on the brain! Wearers report 20% less listening effort, 20% better conversation recall, and 30% better speech understanding. 

Opn also connects to the Internet! The free Oticon ON App gives wearers discreet control of their hearing aid from their smart device, and even allows uses to control household electronics directly from their hearing aid.

miniRITE-T - Sleek and Discreet 

The miniRite-T features a telecoil and double push button for easy volume and program control. The fully featured solution includes Tinnitus SoundSupport, Speech Rescue LX, DSL, and TwinLink for 2.4 GHz wireless technology and Made for iPhone® functionality. Opn’s miniRITE is also rechargeable. Its hybrid battery design allows you to use either a rechargeable or a standard battery.

Alta and Alta2 Pro Ti - Ultimate Performance
Featuring Oticon’s revolutionary BrainHearing technology, the Alta automatically adjusts incoming sounds to optimize clarity. Designed to work harmoniously with your brain, this device will help you hear in any situation. 

Agil - The Energy of Understanding
Oticon Agil takes the hard work out of following a multiple-person conversation. Like no other hearing instrument, the Agil is designed to give you more confidence and the ability to communicate freely and interact naturally.

Acto - Discreet and Elegant
These advanced devices automatically adapt to your listening environment so you don’t have to worry about the awkward transition to cell phones, televisions, and MP3 players. Oticon Acto comes in both behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles, so, no matter your preference, you can hear effectively. 

Dynamo - Slim and Powerful
With Dynamo your brain has access to the full spectrum of sounds and lets you capture more speech details. Dynamo is as reliable and powerful.

Ino - Clear and Comfortable
Oticon Ino hearing aids have a variety of features to produce extra volume, yet retain crisp, clear sound. Automatic directionality allows you to focus on the speech in front of you. and The feedback cancellation feature cuts down on unwanted whistling.

Nera and Nera2 Pro Ti - Reliably Exceptional
Adapting to your personal listening needs, Nera blends seamlessly with the natural way your brain and ears work together. By communicating in real time, it creates an integrated hearing solution to work harder for you. 

Ria and Ria Pro Ti - Redefining Hearing
Ria’s combination of enhanced performance and outstanding sound quality provides everything you need to create a superior listening experience. With an array of styles, Ria embraces custom style options designed for greater comfort and flexibility. 

Siya - Experience the Richness of Sounds
By amplifying the natural richness of sounds, Siya hearing aids by Oticon allow you to understand speech better and enjoy the sounds of everyday life. Featuring BrainHearing™ technology, these hearing aids invisible models available and rechargeable battery options.

Chili - A New Approach
Designed exclusively for severe and profound hearing loss, the Oticon Chili is a sophisticated and discreet hearing device. With features like volume adjustment, quick control for instant muting, and program selection, the Chili is a stylish the answer to your hearing impairment.

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