Communication Tips for Hearing Loss

There are many ways you can make communication easier as it relates to loved ones with hearing loss.

Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida, has compiled these tips to help improve the listening experiences of those with hearing aids or hearing loss:

    1. Gain and Maintain Attention
      Address your loved one by name, and touch his or her shoulder or arm to signal the start of a conversation. Position yourself on their side, where their hearing may be better.
    2. Reduce Background Noise
      Turn off the TV or radio, and move to a quiet space. When dining in a restaurant, ask for a table away from server stations, the kitchen and large parties.
    3. Make Your Face Visible
      Your body language and facial expressions add vital information for the listener. Position yourself ideally 3 to 6 feet in front of your loved one. Ensure the room has good lighting.
    4. Foster Lip-reading
      Hearing-impaired listeners need to see your mouth. Avoid distracting activities while you’re talking, like smoking or chewing gum.
    5. Speak Naturally
      Avoid exaggeration and shouting, which actually distort words. Speak at a normal rate and rely on pauses, rather than slow speech, to give them time to process the conversation.
    6. Rephrase – Don’t Repeat
      If the hearing-impaired listener didn’t understand you the first time, they likely won’t understand it a second time. Rephrase your sentence.
    7. Get the Group Involved
      When in social gatherings, place your hearing-impaired loved one where he or she can see as many faces as possible. Try not to talk over one another or carry on multiple conversations.

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