It's important that your hearing aid is performing at full capacity in order for you to receive the complete benefits that it can provide. Here's what you can do to keep it running well:

  • Open the battery door each time the hearing aid is removed. This will prevent moisture build up and help dry out the hearing aid.
  • Clean the hearing aid daily, using the provided brush and a tissue. Cleaning will prevent wax build up in the tube leading from the speaker to the outside of the hearing aid. Make sure you do not push wax down the tubing.
  • Never sleep in your hearing aid. Remove it before going to bed.
  • Your ear should be cleared of wax on a regular basis.
  • A dry-aid kit should be used daily. It contains moisture-absorbing silicone crystals. The silicone can be recharged by putting it in the oven once the color changes to pink. The hearing aid’s battery has to be removed before using the kit.
  • To avoid feedback in your hearing aid, turn it off before placing in your ear.
  • If your hearing aid is malfunctioning, it may be necessary to have a professional conduct hearing aid repair, or re-program your hearing aid.