Apple has set the new standard for cell phone communication for the hearing impaired.

In collaboration with hearing aid manufacturers, such as GN ReSound, they’ve created Made for iPhone (MFi) hearing aids.

Dubbed the “smartest hearing aid on the market,” the ReSound LiNX uses newly updated Bluetooth technology to pair with your Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and become your source for audio in almost any environment.

One of the nice benefits of the LiNX is its ability to control your hearing aid directly from your cell phone. Without the need  for an additional device, programming your hearing aids is now completely discreet.

Other benefits include:

  • A Geotagging feature that allows you to preset and customize preferences and sound levels based on your environment. With a simple slide of your finger, you can adjust the sound as you’re walking into a meeting, a movie theater or a concert.
  • The Live Listen feature. It picks up the sound source at your location, focusing on what you want to hear while eliminating background noise.
  • Enhanced, natural sound for phone calls, FaceTime video chats, music and movies.
  • The ReSound App that helps you find your lost hearing aids. Simply go to the Finder feature and a map will pinpoint your location and that of your hearing aids.

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