Image of man wearing new hearing aidOver the years, hearing aid technology has evolved.  Not only have the devices become smaller and slimmer, they connect to phones, can be rechargeable and will even learn your hearing needs. 

Smart Hearing Aids

Smart phones, smart TV’s, smart houses and now smart hearing aids? Hearing devices like the Oticon Siya will connect to your smart phone through the Oticon app and allow you to answer phone calls and have it stream directly to your ears.  Additionally, software IFTTT can connect to your home’s smart devices and can relay important messages directly to hearing aids, such as a doorbell ringing, or a smoke alarm going off. 

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

Hearing aids like the Otion Opn S  and Phonak Audeo can now be rechargeable.  By placing your hearing devices in the charging station overnight, you can have up to 18 hours of wear each day.  A quick charge of even 30 minutes will several additional hours should it be needed. 

Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

In pairing your smartphone to your hearing aids, you are able to control your situational hearing needs.  You are able to adjust settings to specific surroundings, adjusting the volume behind you to focus in front of you in a restaurant, for example.  Artificial Intelligence (AI) will be able to save locations and settings for future us, but also able to identify similar situations and settings and adjust accordingly.

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