Jan Blog Reading Book 700x466As hearing aids become more commonplace, the stigma previously associated with hearing devices has changed. Gone are the days of wearing clunky hearing devices. Now, according to a recent study, about 80% of wearers are satisfied with their hearing aids.


What’s Changed

The human ear is an intricate mechanism. Only within the last decade have researchers really begun to study and understand the inner workings of how our ears and brains communicate. And with this research comes a wealth of knowledge that’s poured over to hearing aid design.

Hearing aids now come with capabilities like:

  • Improved sound reception: Hearing aids are more adept at filtering background noise and can be programmed to self-adjust in different hearing environments. Sounds are filtered and clearer by the time they reach the inner ear.
  • Directional microphones: This technology processes sound in a more sophisticated manner with directional microphones. You will no longer have to strain to hear someone in a noisy crowd since directional mics are capable of clarifying speech.
  • Smart technology: Hearing aids can do so much more than amplifying sounds. Hearing devices have Bluetooth and are programmed to sync with your other smart devices. Now you can answer your calls and play music through one device.

Hearing aids have also changed in style and size. Manufacturers like Oticon are leading the way toward developing devices that are both high tech and visually appealing.

Oticon Is Breaking Ground

Manatee Ear Center carries a variety of Oticon hearing devices. Oticon utilizes BrainHearing features that work with your brain to translate sounds. Your brain won’t have to work so hard to relearn sounds because your neural pathways will stay engaged with Oticon’s hearing technology.

Our Oticon inventory includes Opn, miniRITE-T, Alta and Alta2 Pro Ti, Agil, Acto, Dynamo, Ino, Nera, and Nera2 Pro Ti, Ria and Ria Pro Ti, Siya, and Chili. You get to select your hearing aid based on your level of hearing loss and specific needs.

For example, if you have severe hearing loss, Chili is a discreet listening device with quick controls to ease your hearing impairment. Manatee offers a selection of styles, including in-the-ear, receiver-in-the-ear, behind-the-ear, and in-the-canal.

We want you to have the best hearing experience without the hassle. Call 941-745-1518, or contact us online to learn more about our services.