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Are you still looking for that perfect gift to give your loved one, but aren't sure what to get them? Here are some unique and functional gift ideas for those with hearing loss. They're sure to be a hit this holiday season.


Also called smart headphones, Hearables are sound-enhancing, wireless earbuds that are different from hearing aids. Link them to smartphones and other technology to monitor your vital signs and track your activity level. 

Lugs and Skinit

Kids, teens, and even adults will enjoy adding a pop of personality to their hearing aids. Skinit offers vinyl, customizable decals that are easily removable. Lugs have decals and clip-on accessories for hearing aids that will provide endless style options.

Smart Jewelry

Technology just turned fashionable, so make sure your loved one never misses another alert with jewelry that syncs to their phone. Smart jewelry can light up or vibrate for incoming calls, texts, or emails.

Light And Vibrating Alarm Clocks

These alarm clocks give those with hearing loss the peace of mind that they will never miss a wake-up call again.  Some clocks sync with your smartphone so the alarm pad under your pillow will vibrate to wake you up. Light-up clocks simulate the sunrise and gradually brighten the room to get you out of bed.

Hearing Aid Dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers dry out hearing devices, sanitize them, and kill odor-producing bacteria. They are also a great gift that will maintain device longevity if hearing aids get wet.

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