Technology has redefined what it means to be living with hearing loss.

Advancements in hearing aid capabilities have opened up a whole world of sound to those who may have considered good listening experiences impossible for them.

Oticon has long been at the forefront of hearing aid technology and it shows no signs of letting up. The company is continually pushing the envelope of what is possible for those with hearing loss. Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida offers the following information about three products Oticon is revolutionizing hearing devices.

Opn S™

Oticon breaks the rules of hearing aid convention once again with its new Opn S, a hearing aid that connects wearers to the world with the following features:

  • “Normal hearing” speech understanding: Provides better speech understanding with less effort in challenging noise environments. The Opn S can mimic normal hearing in party and dinner settings, when more than one person is speaking at the same time.
  • 360-degree sound experience: Rather than suppressing surrounding sounds, the Opn S enables you to hear relevant sounds around you, letting you choose what to focus on.
  • Feedback elimination: New OpenSound Optimizer technology stops feedback in its tracks before it even starts.
  • Tinnitus relief: Minimize the impact of the ringing sounds in your ears with Tinnitus Sound Support™, which offers relief sounds such as ocean-like sounds.


Oticon Siya devices improve listening experiences by amplifying the rich details in the sounds around us. By improving sound quality, easily connecting to devices, effectively reducing unwanted noise and offering a wide range of models and styles, Siya works hard to improve your quality of life.

Siya’s 2.4 GHz Bluetooth low energy technology means you get high-quality streaming of music and sounds from smartphones, TVs, tablets and many other devices. You can stream sound directly to your hearing aids from any of these devices. Control the volume or change the program with the Oticon ON App or remote control.


The world’s first personal artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for your ears, the Oticon Kaizn is a game changer in hearing technology. Its AI technology learns a wearer’s preferences, common environments and listening habits to automatically adjust settings depending on the sound scenario.

Think of the Kaizn as your personal hearing assistant – it recognizes when you enter a challenging listening environment. It sends you a push notification asking whether you’d prefer “comfort” or “focus” in that setting. It responds to your answer by adjusting settings to optimize your experience. As Kaizn learns to know your preferences, it can automate these settings based on your previous responses.

Kaizn has already generated awards, winning a 2019 Best of Innovation Award in the Software and Mobile Apps category, as well as being named a CES Innovation Honoree in the Tech for a Better World category.

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