man having hearing test 530x350It should come as no surprise that hearing properly from both ears is much better than hearing only from one.

Binaural hearing (hearing in both ears) is superior to monaural hearing because our brain’s hearing system is designed to use the information from both ears to tell us more information about the sounds (and the source of the sound). Further, those who choose to wear just one hearing aid if they have hearing loss in both ears may experience difficulty with the sound quality they experience.

Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida would like to remind you that getting your hearing checked with one of our services can improve your quality of life by improving your everyday listening experiences. Here are some of the reasons two is better than one when it comes to your ears’ hearing ability:


  1. Identifying the direction of the sound: When both ears are functioning properly, it’s much easier to tell where the desired sound, whether it be someone talking to you at a party, a motorist honking their horn or an ambulance blaring its siren.
  2. Improved sound quality: Binaural hearing gives you clearer, balanced reception of sound. When the brain receives sound through only one ear, it is not stimulated evenly.
  3. Wider range: Individuals have a better range to comprehend and understand noises when they hear from both sides of the body. The ability to hear effectively in both ears takes stress off of the brain, making it easier for it to identify sounds.
  4. Softening the sound with a “cushion”: Hearing with two ears helps divide sounds between them, making it easier to tolerate louder noises.

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