rechargeable hearing aids

Manatee Ear Center would like to share that Oticon has announced its miniRITE hearing aids are now rechargeable.

With new technology, the Oticon Opn miniRITE can now be charged overnight so you can enjoy a fully charge battery the entire next day. The change comes as more hearing aid users begin to choose rechargeable hearing aids over traditional hearing devices that require users to change the battery.

Best of all, those who purchased a miniRITE over the past year can have their hearing aids retrofitted so they can become rechargeable.

Wearers of miniRITE hearing aids should also note that the change does not affect the quality of the hearing aids. The miniRITE, along with other Opn hearing aids, still uses Oticon’s exclusive BrainHearing™ technology, is available with a tinnitus solution option, and can be used with the receiver-in-the-ear or behind-the-ear.

Wearers are also still able to manage the multiple speakers in the hearing aid, which is ideal when users change environments.

If you would like to try this new rechargeable hearing aid, or would like to have your miniRITEs retrofitted contact Manatee Ear Center at 941-745-1518 and schedule an appointment at our Braden, FL, office. You can also request an appointment online.

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