March Madness Hearing LossMarch Madness is upon us and that means it is time to root on your favorite college basketball teams. For many, this is a great opportunity to attend multiple basketball games in person and enjoy the atmosphere of cheering, yelling and music that takes place during each game.

The downside is that all that loud noise can lead to hearing loss.

Experts say that exposure to noise levels of 80-90 decimals for eight hours can lead to serious damage in the inner ear. Most sports arenas can easily reach this noise level during a game, especially when an exciting play takes place that gets the fans cheering their loudest.

The fortunate part for fans is that most basketball games don’t last for eight hours, but there is still a chance you may experience temporary hearing loss when exposed to these noise levels. If you watch multiple games in a row (as many fans do during March Madness), this is when permanent damage can begin.

There are ways to protect yourself against these loud noises when you find yourself in a noisy sports arena. The most obvious solution for fans is to wear earplugs. These will help reduce the noise level by 20 -30 decimals. This will decrease the chance of your hearing being damaged, as long as you keep the ear plugs in.

If you regularly attend sporting events, it is probably a good idea to have your hearing checked regularly to make sure your hearing hasn’t been damaged. This will let you know that your hearing is okay, or if you need to wear hearing protection when you enjoy these sporting events.

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