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Research has shown found that untreated hearing loss leads to severe issues, including dementia. Hearing aids are the best remedy since better hearing improves your overall quality of life and mitigates the negative side effects of hearing loss.

Whether your hearing loss is mild, moderate, or severe, hearing aids can vastly enhance your social, psychological and physical well-being. Here are four ways hearing aids can improve your life.


Hearing aids lower the risk of cognitive decline

In a 25-year study, researchers measured mental decline in people with normal hearing and hearing loss. Scientists concluded that people with hearing loss – who didn’t wear hearing aids – suffered significantly more cognitive decline.

This is partly because the auditory cortex in the brain stops receiving stimuli and begins to deteriorate. Other areas of the brain will try to compensate as you struggle to hear, leading to mental fatigue. Your brain is like a muscle and needs training to stay healthy. 

Hearing aids improve memory

Texas A&M University recently studied people with hearing loss, testing participants on a series of tasks to measure their memory, cognitive speed, and ability to focus, without hearing devices. Then, researchers gave the test subjects hearing aids.

The participants showed improvement in all areas of cognitive function in less than six weeks. Hearing aids enable those with hearing loss to process information faster – if you wear your hearing aids, you’ll improve your memory.

Hearing aid wearers report lower levels of depression

Hearing aid wearers are at a lower risk of depression than those who need but don’t wear hearing aids. Hearing aids provide:

  • Greater emotional stability
  • Fewer miscommunications
  • Less stress, confusion, and anger
  • Improved social engagement
  • More hearing control in noisy environments

You won’t have to shy away from social situations for fear of missing out or asking others to repeat themselves. Hearing aids making socializing easier, so you can enjoy talking with friends and family.

Hearing aids improve balance

Using your hearing aids means better balance and a reduced risk of significant falls and injuries. Hearing loss has been linked to an increased risk of falling for those 65 and older. However, scientists at The Washington University School of Medicine discovered that hearing aid wearers had better balance than hearing loss sufferers who didn’t wear hearing aids.

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