So you’ve signed up for an exercise class at your local fitness center, great job! You’ve purchased workout clothes, an ergonomic water bottle, and the latest tech gadget for your wrist. You start to walk into your class, and as soon as you start to warm up, the boom from the loud workout music rattles your body to where you instantly cover your ears in disgust. This is not good for your hearing health.  

Now we all know that regular exercise is good for your overall health, but if you either exercise beyond your physical limits or with constant loud music playing in the background (or through headphones or earbuds), it can affect your hearing in negative ways. This can lead to permanent sensorineural hearing loss.
Here are a few precautions to take to avoid any kind of hearing problems when you start an exercise routine.

The New Year is upon us, and for many, that means a renewed commitment to taking better care of ourselves.

Many of us have already started on this commitment by eating healthy, exercising and being active. But it should also include having your hearing checked, and – if you have a hearing problem – consider the option of getting a hearing aid.

Being able to hear can vastly improve your quality of life. Hearing your loved ones and having a one-on-one conversation can help you have a better relationship with your family and allow you to participate in social events.

Here are some other ways hearing can improve your life:

To ensure a long and healthy hearing aid life, it’s imperative to keep them clean.

While working on them it’s important to make sure your hands are clean and dry, you avoid using cleaning fluids like alcohol, and you work on them over a soft surface – just in case they get dropped.

For a quick and easy hearing aid cleaning session, be sure to use our helpful guide below.


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Oticon recently released the Oticon OPN, the manufacturer’s latest commitment to enhancing the user’s ability to hear with less effort and better speech understanding is truly groundbreaking in the healthy hearing industry.

This newest form of Brainhearing technology focuses on the main sounds and decreases the volume of background noise by scanning the user’s surrounding 100 times per second to analyze and balance each individual sound. This allows the user to understand the speech in front of them while also making environmental sounds accessible, but not disturbing.


The New Hearing Technology: Nobody sees it. But you hear it all.

You've seen what's happened to electronics lately.