man having hearing test 530x350It should come as no surprise that hearing properly from both ears is much better than hearing only from one.

Binaural hearing (hearing in both ears) is superior to monaural hearing because our brain’s hearing system is designed to use the information from both ears to tell us more information about the sounds (and the source of the sound). Further, those who choose to wear just one hearing aid if they have hearing loss in both ears may experience difficulty with the sound quality they experience.

Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida would like to remind you that getting your hearing checked with one of our services can improve your quality of life by improving your everyday listening experiences. Here are some of the reasons two is better than one when it comes to your ears’ hearing ability:

Image of Audiologist demonstrating hearing aids to patient.While most hearing aids contain the same basic components, they are hardly created equal.

Neither are all buying hearing aid purchase locations created equal. When you buy from an audiologist, you get the hearing healthcare expertise that you won’t get with a sales representative at a big box store.

Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida reminds you that you owe it to yourself and your hearing to receive guidance from the highly trained professionals who make suggestions based on comprehensive evaluations.

Audiologists possess either a Master’s or Doctorate degree and use the most advanced equipment available to provide customers with higher quality testing methods and diagnostics. Audiologists typically have access to a wider list of manufacturers, helping you get the best hearing aid for your situation. They also work closely with primary care physicians and specialists such as neurologists.

Tinnitus Treatment

Do you constantly experience a ringing, hissing or buzzing noise in your ear that no one else can hear?

If so, you’re not alone. The condition you’re experiencing is called tinnitus and it affects more than 45 million people in the U.S. While tinnitus is only a minor inconvenience for most people, severe cases can have a negative impact on your health and well-being.

rechargeable hearing aids

Manatee Ear Center would like to share that Oticon has announced its miniRITE hearing aids are now rechargeable.

With new technology, the Oticon Opn miniRITE can now be charged overnight so you can enjoy a fully charge battery the entire next day. The change comes as more hearing aid users begin to choose rechargeable hearing aids over traditional hearing devices that require users to change the battery.

Best of all, those who purchased a miniRITE over the past year can have their hearing aids retrofitted so they can become rechargeable.

Hearing Aid Upgrade

Your hearing aids play an important role in making sure you’re able to hear the world you. For that reason, it’s easy to see why you should make sure you have the best hearing aids available.

If your hearing aids haven’t been updated for a while, here are a few reasons you should consider visiting the experts at Manatee Ear Center:

Your hearing changes over time

As you get order, your level of hearing can change. Even the smallest changes can make a big difference in how well your hearing aids helps you hear. For that reason, it’s important to make sure your hearing aids are meeting your needs.

Updated technology is available.

Technology is changing each and every day and hearing devices are no exception. As manufacture’s introduce new products to the market, that means there is new technology available to help you hear better than before. That means you may benefit from new technology that didn’t exist when you were originally fitted with your hearing devices.


The New Hearing Technology: Nobody sees it. But you hear it all.

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