grandpa, son, and grandson playing chess in the parkThe number of people living with Alzheimer’s is expected to triple in the coming decades, reaching 14 million Americans in the coming decades.

Because hearing loss has been linked to cognitive decline and dementia, the number of people living with hearing impairment is also likely to climb.

grandmother and granddaughter 700x440Some people believe hearing loss is a condition that doesn’t significantly affect our overall health.

However, a growing number of studies suggest that untreated hearing loss can contribute to cognitive decline and increase the risk of developing dementia. With nearly 50% of people aged 75 or older experiencing hearing loss, this is a major health concern.

Manatee Ear Center in Bradenton, Florida urges those with hearing difficulty to get a hearing aid evaluation to see if hearing aids may help.

Senior couple at the FairExposure to loud noise can hurt your health in a number of ways you may not expect.

While we all realize that excessive noise is detrimental to our hearing health, most of us don’t stop to think of how it affects other areas of our physical and mental wellbeing.

Man touching ear 700x467Most hearing loss occurs gradually, over years or even decades. Although it’s something to get checked out by a professional when it’s noticed, it’s not a medical emergency.

There is a kind of hearing loss, however, that must not be ignored for even a day: sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL) occurs either instantly or over the course of a few days. Some people notice it when they wake up in the morning and immediately sense that their hearing is impaired.


Now that the summer travel season is upon us, many Floridians are making plans to visit other parts of the country to see family and friends.

Traveling can be difficult for anyone but traveling with hearing loss presents a unique set of challenges. Unfamiliar surroundings, new schedules and different processes make it even more critical to be able to communicate and know what’s going on around us.


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