Image of decibel ratingsThe simple answer is whenever noise levels surpass 85 decibels. However, your ears aren’t made to track decibels. A general rule of thumb is if you have to shout to be heard, your environment is probably dangerously loud.

Decibels represent the noise levels humans can hear. The higher the decibel count, the more dangerous the sound is to your ears. Here are some common situations where you should protect your ears.

Image of man wearing new hearing aidOver the years, hearing aid technology has evolved.  Not only have the devices become smaller and slimmer, they connect to phones, can be rechargeable and will even learn your hearing needs. 

Smart Hearing Aids

Smart phones, smart TV’s, smart houses and now smart hearing aids? Hearing devices like the Oticon Siya will connect to your smart phone through the Oticon app and allow you to answer phone calls and have it stream directly to your ears.  Additionally, software IFTTT can connect to your home’s smart devices and can relay important messages directly to hearing aids, such as a doorbell ringing, or a smoke alarm going off.

Jan Blog Reading Book 700x466As hearing aids become more commonplace, the stigma previously associated with hearing devices has changed. Gone are the days of wearing clunky hearing devices. Now, according to a recent study, about 80% of wearers are satisfied with their hearing aids.

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Are you still looking for that perfect gift to give your loved one, but aren't sure what to get them? Here are some unique and functional gift ideas for those with hearing loss. They're sure to be a hit this holiday season.


Also called smart headphones, Hearables are sound-enhancing, wireless earbuds that are different from hearing aids. Link them to smartphones and other technology to monitor your vital signs and track your activity level.

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You find yourself struggling to hear the television, so you turn up the volume. Then, suddenly, you can’t hear it at all.

Events like this are typical for people who experience sudden hearing loss. But why does this happen? What causes sudden hearing loss? Is it treatable?


The New Hearing Technology: Nobody sees it. But you hear it all.

You've seen what's happened to electronics lately.