Frequently Asked Hearing Aid Questions | Bradenton, FL | Manatee Ear Center

What questions should I ask when buying a hearing aid?

If you are diagnosed with a hearing loss, our provider will determine the best course of treatment. If hearing devices are a solution for your loss, your provider will take a number of factors into account to choose the right hearing aid to suit you. Important factors include:

  • Technology featureslike the ability to connect to your smartphone. If you live a highly tech-connected life, new technology might be the easiest choice to incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • Your budget. But don’t sacrifice substance for savings. Though pricing for hearing aids at big chain stores is generally less than a doctor’s office, they have a limited selection, may stock hearing aids that are a few years behind in technology, and don’t offer the same broad scope of service and support found in the office of a hearing health professional.
  • Lifestyle needs. Whether you enjoy swimming, jogging or hiking, you should be able to depend on your hearing aids. Today’s hearing aids have a lot of features you may want and some you don’t. Before you buy, make a list of “must-have” features for your hearing aids.