At Manatee Ear Center, we understand that hearing aids are an investment.

We don’t see ourselves as just a hearing aid provider, but rather a trusted partner on your journey to better hearing. We offer personalized, comprehensive, patient-focused hearing health care and hearing aid services to patients in Manatee and Sarasota County, Florida.

If the results of your hearing evaluations indicate that you’re a good candidate for hearing aids, we will help you choose the devices to best suit your needs. Upon receipt of your hearing aids in our office, we’ll have you come in so that we can properly fit and program them. But our hearing aid services don’t end there.

We want you to get the most out of your investment so we incorporate thorough follow-up care, ongoing consultations, and hearing rehabilitation into the hearing aid services we offer.

Our extensive hearing aid services include:

  • Education – We teach you how to properly care for your devices at home, including how to clean, maintain, store, program and operate them.
  • Professional Cleaning and Adjustments – We recommend that you bring your hearing aids in quarterly for professional maintenance and cleaning (such as wax removal) as well as any adjustments that may be required.
  • Repairs – Most hearing aids come with a manufacturer’s warranty that covers loss and damage for the first year as well as repairs for two years. In the event your hearing aids are damaged you can bring them in to our office. Some repairs can be completed onsite. Others may require the devices be sent to the manufacturer for repair.
  • Check-ups – To ensure your hearing aids continue to work effectively, we evaluate your hearing and the performance of your devices annually.
  • Batteries – All batteries are not created equally. We carry the fresh premium batteries that will allow your hearing aids to work more efficiently.

For expert, comprehensive hearing health care and extensive hearing aid services in the Bradenton, Florida community, schedule a free hearing screening at Manatee Ear Center today.