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The Widex DREAM is designed to enhance identification and cancellation of feedback or hearing aid whistling. It also gives you access to your own website so you can view your audiogram, hearing programs and features, tips and advice for handling your hearing aids.

The Widex CLEAR hearing aids communicate wirelessly with each other to simulate natural hearing with two ears. This allows you to hear more clearly in continuously changing environments like restaurants.

SUPER is an extremely powerful hearing aid that places extra emphasis on audibility and sound direction. This device helps you determine where sounds are coming from and with its efficient design the SUPER reduces wind noise by up to 18dB.

With the Widex MIND, you will once again be able to hear high-pitched sounds. The device automatically detects the sounds and shifts them into your audible range. The MIND also features a unique relaxation program called Zen that produces a range of harmonic tones to help you relax. There are also additional options for Zen to alleviate your tinnitus.

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